Starlight Kayaking

Family, International, Ireland

New moon and eight tandem kayaks on Castlehaven Bay are ingredients for an absolutely magical experience! We checked into our lodgings in Bantry and did another picnic style supper. As evening drew upon us we set out for our midnight adventure. At Reen Pier we met Declan and Guido of Atlantic Sea Kayaking and suited up. Soon we’d gotten instructions for basic kayaking were launched in our respective boats for our paddle on a perfect starlit night a sheltered bay on Ireland’s southern coast much like this video of night kayaking on nearby Lough Hyne. At times we would raft together and listen to Declan talk of the history of Castletownshend as we stared up at the historic stained glass windows in the church or about the science of the incredible bioluminescence we saw with each dip of our paddles. Before the evening was finished Declan did admit that the lights underwater were in fact the result of the fairy dust that Guido sprinkled on the water just before we headed out!



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  1. Sherri

    Declan and Guido ???!!!!??? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa……….


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