Surviving Heathrow

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It’s been a morning of crazy adventure and cultural experiences. We awakened this morning at 5:15AM at the Maldron Hotel Dublin Airport having chosen these digs primarily for the proximity to our departure. By the morning’s early light we packed our rented VW Tiguan for the last time, drove a short distance to the Hertz return kiosk, navigated our way to the Aer Lingus desk, got our boarding passes, experienced a relatively easy security check although too many Euro coins in pocket slowed Karen down, had a delightful last feast at the airside, purchased some duty free Gunpowder Irish Gin, then boarded and enjoyed our flight from Dublin to London. That’s when the real “fun” began. There was a longish walk to stand and wait for the bus to Terminal 3, then an absolutely no nonsense security check including Karen setting off the alarm again this time with empty pockets – was it the pocket flap snaps? But we got through. Stopping for a sip of the newest Gordon’s flavor calmed us a little. Next was trying to learn from which gate was we would depart. Ultimately we didn’t have to hang out in the huge crowd in the central area watching the big board, but there was a crazy long hike to Gate 36, once there no good options for refreshment, and uncertainty as to which boarding group we were in, until we learned that if it’s not on your boarding pass it’s Group 7, the last one of course! But now we’re aboard. We’re not all together for this flight but we’re looking forward to some more sister time once we arrive in Texas. Meanwhile we can review photos and process memories of a great trip in between naps!




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