Museum of Western Film History

2018 West, California, Road Trip

If we’re planning on hanging out on Movie Road, we ought to learn a little about the Hollywood productions filmed in this part of California. Lone Pine is home to The Museum of Western Film History where we learned about the hundred year history of movie making in this iconic landscape. From Tom Mix to John Wayne and Roy Rogers and dozens more big name and lesser known stars. There were a few family stories and personal favorites intertwined. Although from the 1910’s to the 1960’s movies made here were mostly all Westerns, in recent decades science fiction including Star Wars and Tremors have featured Alabama Hills landscapes. Jessica, our host at the museum thought she recognized the rocks in the photo of our camper as some seen in Star trek!



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  1. AZClaimjumper

    Glad to see you did, in fact, visit THE Museum. I always stop when passing through Bishop.


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All Because of an Eclipse

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