Natural Hot Springs

2018 West, California, Road Trip

Breakfast at the Cemetery Cafe at the campground in Virginia City NV gave us a chance to visit with Carol, the new owner and her nephew, and to learn a little more about life year round in Virginia City, Nevada. Once we rolled out we set our sights on a campground near Bridgeport, California and a trip to nearby Travertine Hot Springs. Along the way we checked the weather forecast, didn’t like the projected low of 17°F and with several hours of sub-freezing temperatures. We’re not yet ready to test our tank heaters to such a degree so we called ahead to Bishop and reserved a site. We then stopped in at the nearby ranger station to ask about taking the T@B back on the springs road. She advised against it but offered to let us drop the trailer and leave it in the parking lot while we went back. We got waylaid by some T@B 320 owners and spent a very pleasant 45 minutes with them before heading to the springs. There we found a warm pool with too many people in it and an empty pool that was too hot and mucky. We gave up, changed from swimsuits back into our clothes and made our way back to the truck only to discover we’d parked next to a delightful pool where the temperature was just right and the folks in it were delightfully friendly. Worried now that we’re running late for our trip to Bishop we declined the invitation to join them but resolved to make this a place to which to return and went back to not only reclaim the trailer but to give another T@B tour to a young family before resuming our trip. Bishop at a lower latitude snd lower elevation promises a low in the 30’s but above freezing and we should be there by six. What’s not to like?



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  1. AZClaimjumper

    Being a resident of Reno, I’m surprised/disappointed you’ve not made a trip back in time along US 50, The Loneliest Road in America, but it’s really not at all lonely, nor have you stopped & visited the Bristlecone Forest within the Great Basin National Forest near Baker, Nevada.


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