Although we’d had intentions of arising before dawn to see the stars and to watch the great golden orb creep above the horizon. The comforts of our T@B bed won out. We awakened to fluffy white clouds in a gorgeous blue sky and drove into Lone Pine to savor a Sunday morning breakfast featuring Cherry Pie Sourdough French Toast at the Alabama Hills Cafe before heading out to explore just a little more of this incredible landscape. Along Movie Road we found a monument marking the location where one of the scenes from the 1939 movie, Gunga Din was filmed then headed on to see Tuttle Creek Campground. It has a marvelous view of the Sierra Nevadas and restrooms but personally we like our current campsite better.  Then as we drove east we could see the remnants of Owens Lake shining in the distance. It’s a part of the continuing water wars between this valley and Los Angeles. Mostly though, we just spent the day enjoying our surroundings, watching a photographer trying to catch a great shot as clouds engulfed the peaks of the Sierras, enjoying the sunset paint the sky, and listening to owl hoots in the moonlight her in the Alabama Hills BLM.



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  1. Anne Psarras

    They place looks so awesome!!


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