Texas Canyon in AZ

2018 West, Arizona, Road Trip

No, Texas is not our current location. We’re in southeastern Arizona, at an I-10 rest area north of places like Tombstone and Sierra Vista. As we zoom along I-10, traveling longer today than we’d like, we have Picacho, Arizona behind us and Las Cruces, New Mexico as today’s destination. As we pass interesting location after interesting location we’re thinking we need to plan a trip that allows us to linger a while in this area but today we’ll just enjoy the fabulous scenery at this Texas Canyon Rest Area while we make sandwiches and prepare for the next leg of today’s journey.



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  1. Debi Ford

    It really feels like being on the moon, such a vast area of beautiful white sand. I had a roommate who lived not too far from there, so a visit there was always fun.


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