Time with Joanna


Once upon a time long ago during The Great Depression, a little girl named Joanna lived on a farm in Ohio with her brother Dal, her sister Sandy, and cousins Jack and Buddy. The time on the farm didn’t last long but it loomed large in her memory long after her family moved first to Kentucky and Kansas and then finally settled in Southern California. Buddy too remembered the months on the farm fondly and regaled his daughter Karen with tales of Joanna, and the others from the farm. Finally in 1973 the two of us met Joanna and others in her family at her home in Oxnard, California. We’ve stayed in touch through the years. Two years ago we visited with her and other family members at her home in Camarillo, California and had such a good time we couldn’t help but return today for a visit with her and Howard and another great session of swapping family stories We truly enjoyed our time with Joanna!




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At Home in Medina

At Home in Medina

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