Almost There!


At 2:38 this morning we boarded Amtrak Train 66 bound for Boston, found coach seats across the aisle from each other and proceeded to do as all our fellow passengers were doing, attempt to sleep. After the New Haven stop we enjoyed seats together and continued to slumber more or less until dawn. Minutes before eight we pulled into South Station, rode the escalator down to the Redline, purchased two one way Charlie tickets, waited two minutes, and boarded the Ashmont train. It’s been a thirty-six hour journey but we’re almost there. We’re headed for a rendezvous with Linus and Miles!




  1. Brian

    Are we there yet? …
    The grand kids must be keeping you busy.

  2. Brian

    Still hoping you two can take a moment from your winter projects on the mountain and get us blog followers off the Ashmont train. It’s being three months and my legs are starting to cramp up. 🙂

    • Steve & Karen

      Yes, the ride to Ashmont took longer than we wanted, bit it was Oh, So Worth It. Thanks for hanging in there with us!


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