A New Year Begins


If the whole year goes the way it has begun, we may well be spending the coming year seeking out small adventures. Rather than sit at home quietly welcoming waiting for midnight and the new year, we decided to head out for a New Years street party in Franklin, North Carolina. We checked into the Franklin Terrace Bed and Breakfast yesterday then headed out to Ruby Cinema for a viewing of Mary Poppins Returns before heading downtown where we had reservations at The Root and Barrel where we had a delicious repast amid a crowd of revelers. The town of Franklin hosted a Ruby Drop at midnight and we’d planned to be there but instead opted for our cozy room instead of hanging out in the cold rain. This morning fellow guests reported the rain had stopped by midnight and that the Ruby Drop was successful but we have to admit to having enjoyed being warm and cozy and asleep by midnight. Today we’ll head home on the lookout for adventures along the way and looking forward to a fabulous 2019.




  1. Susan

    Hello and Happy 2019 wishes in April! Your post made it to my inbox just yesterday! Ha – gotta love technology!
    Rich and I so enjoy your newsy accounts of adventures from place to place! We too are gearing up for T@B travels later this spring and a trip to two National Parks – Mammoth Caves and Acadia. With a few weekend hops if we can.
    Also hoping to catch up with you and our “T@B family” in June at ÜCamp “Rolling Home.” Here’s wishing you Peace, Love and safe tr@vels!

    • Steve & Karen

      Happy 2019! Don’t blame technology, blame the bloggers. We’ve been so wrapped up with a project at home this winter that we’ve neglected our blog followers, but we’re getting up to speed now. You should be seeing more updates in the days to come. Like you we’re really looking forward to üCamp19. We love both Mammoth Cave and Acadia. Be sure to get Tea and Popovers on the lawn at Jordan Pond when you are in Acadia. Happy Trails!


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