Empress of the Seas

Caribbean, Family

Launched in 1989 and with a 1602 passenger capacity, Empress of the Seas is oldest and the smallest ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet. We’ve sailed on some of the much larger ships in the fleet and in many ways truly prefer the coziness of the Empress. It was almost impossible to get lost. On most ships we tease that you don’t have the ships’s geography figured out until it’s time to disembark but on Empress it was easy to find our way around. And with fewer passengers we felt like we got more personalized service. Plus there’s the fact that her only itinerary is Cuba, the theme of the ship reflected the destination of our trip and contributed to the experience. Yes, she’s older and it shows. She’s scheduled for a renovation in the near future. But we enjoyed sailing on a ship that is the transportation to a destination and not trying so hard to be a destination in and of itself as well as provided some great spaces for dancing on the deck!




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