Road Trip

Times change. When we were kids growing up in St Petersburg, Florida, shuffleboard was a past-time reserved for the old folks. Well sorta. As youngsters we sometimes played at playing the game but it was the retirees that took the game seriously. Then about a dozen or more years ago the St Petersburg Shuffleboard Club began opening the courts to the public for free on Friday nights. It’s a delightful community event with people of all ages engaged in fun but serious play on the courts. Everyone plays by the rules and observes court etiquette. Our friends Arleene and Sean are regulars and often invite friends to join them. Tonight we were part of the crowd, joined by family and friends, after we had partaken of a delicious meal at the Tap Room at The Hollander Hotel, a location that we knew as The Bond Hotel when we were frequenting downtown. And it’s worth mentioning that the shuffleboard courts are across from Mirror Lake Library where the two of us had a life changing conversation sparked by The Iliad in October 1969.




  1. Mary Lou

    Brings back fond childhood memories, and also fun time playing shuffleboard Dec 2015 with Ed and friends.

    • Steve & Karen

      Fond childhood memories, indeed! Like the courts at Romany Park?


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All Because of an Eclipse

All Because of an Eclipse

It was a fabulous opportunity to not only view the 2024 Solar Eclipse from within the path of totality but also to enjoy a five day weekend with friends from the T@B trailer community at Ohio’s East Harbor State Park on the shore of Lake Erie.