A Technology Boost


Every so often we need to get out of our technology comfort zone and move to the next level. We’d been resisting making the move to a computer on our wrists until Apple announced the Series 4 watch. Karen got one in December and quickly fell in love with many of its features so when we learned of a lightly used Series 1 available for a few dollars, Steve joined the party. A major benefit is that it is a fitness tracker on the wrist and we’re both upping our activity level with its persistent prompts. Next we upgraded both Macs to Mojave, the new operating system. That necessitated downloading VueScan so that our old CanoScan flatbed scanner could still work. Now we’re contemplating making the investment in a NAS – network attached storage – to create a centralized repository for the files we have stored on myriad hard drives and cloud storage. Thus we’re investing a lot of time reading and watching videos to learn as much as we can about RAID (redundant array of independent disks) configurations and the associated hardware as well as the software. Our vocabulary is expanding but with a bunch of esoteric terms only techies understand!




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