Perusing Old News


Among the memorabilia that our parents squirreled away for decades are some old newspapers. Coverage of Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon or coverage when Hurricane Donna hit the Florida Suncoast. What’s fascinating are the other stories, like the Kennedy-Nixon presidential race or the news from Cuba in the early months of Fidel’s rule. Now we’ve discovered the sports section of The Chicago Tribune from August 15, 1945. It was likely saved by Steve’s parents on VJ Day and although it makes mention of the end of the war, we can’t quite figure out why they saved these particular pages. Nonetheless it makes for a fun few minutes of reading and evokes memories of the days when we all spent time with the newsprint media.




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Arctic Circle Ceremony

Arctic Circle Ceremony

After a few days of exploration in the realm of the Arctic Circle, we aboard the Jewel of the Seas celebrated with a Blue Nose Ceremony and will receive Arctic Crossing Certificates!