Road Trip

Our friends Patrick & Patty are the YouTube stars of our T@B 400 community with with their every Monday video about T@B 400 features or T@B travel adventures not to mention their fun Mid Week Update every Thursday and their Wine Down Friday videos on Facebook. They arrived yesterday for a week long escape from Indiana’s winter weather.

Before meeting up with them the two of us started this morning with a walk south along the Atlantic shore only so far as The Apache Pier before turning back to meet up with our friends at Breakfast by the Sea. We were joined by Shelly who recently became a proud owner of a T@B 400 and was full of questions.

Back at the campsites we continued our T@B talk and even tested the 12V on Shelly’s 7 pin connector to make sure her trailer battery can change while towing.

Of course we took time to play with the pups, Truman and his little sister, Bess. And even after Shelly headed for home, and continued to compare notes on equipment and techniques throughout the afternoon. We capped off the day with a dinner at Spanky’s Pub House and coffee and dessert at Native Joe’s Scoop and Grind. It’s been a delightful interlude. Tomorrow we head back to our mountain place and our winter projects while we dream of the next T@B adventure!



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  1. Shelly

    What a treat meeting with you all. Thank you so much for your help! I just took my first trip to PA and wasn’t afraid one bit! Waahoooo


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