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Road Trip

It’s a long drive from the mountains of western North Carolina to the beach in South Carolina. Don’t ask us why we chose to make the trip in just one day for we have no good answer for that question. But we can say that some good things happened along the way. As we were nearing the border on I-26 we took an exit in search of fuel and ended up traveling a few miles before we found a BP station. When we were buying snacks also, the cashier commented on our camper and was soon outside touring our T@B. She’s seriously considering going full time and now knows to include nüCamp in her research! And when we arrived at Myrtle Beach Travel Park, we met Willow and her grandmother who took a quick tour, they have a camper permanently parked here at the beach but are in the market for a smaller towable for sightseeing trips together. Who knows but we might have enriched some lives today. In any case, we did arrive at our destination. Looking forward to some beach walks and delicious relaxation.




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Cobh on Our Own

Cobh on Our Own

For our first adventure together on the Emerald Isle, we walked the streets of Cobh, County Cork, explored St Colman’s Cathedral, and visited the Cobh Heritage Center.