Janet and Patty are living the dream on their Hobby Farm just a few miles northwest of Minneapolis but a world away from the big city life. Their barn was built in 1917 and their house a few years later. The family that lived here for decades came back for a family reunion in 2017 to remember and to tell stories of life on the farm. Janet and Patty together grow and harvest hay here and when we visited a new crop of corn was sprouting. Patty loves caring for her farm equipment. Janet loves gardening. They both love their animals from goats and chickens to dogs and cats. Until recently they had a herd of seven alpaca. If you’re a Harvest Hosts member be sure to look them up when you are in this part of Minnesota. We loved our evening with our new friends sharing wine, farm fresh eggs, alpaca fleece, Redbudsuds, and a love of travel.



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  1. Amanda

    You have a new pet!


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