A Hundred Miles a Day

2019 West Again, Michigan, Road Trip, States

When asked about our travel plans for this summer we’ve been replying that “We’re headed to Boston by way of San Francisco.” and often get the reply, “You must really like driving!” In fact, that’s not the most enjoyable part of our travels. We’ve talked a lot about the 2-30 rule: stop after 230 miles or at 2:30PM whichever comes first but still have found ourselves often driving six hours or more in a day and arriving tired and cranky. This trip we are instituting the Hundred Miles Rule. So far it has worked quite well. It allows for a more leisurely morning, an enjoyable drive to our next destination, and time for exploration in our new location, or even just a chance to relax and enjoy our campsite. Today we drove 98 miles from our campsite on Lake Michigan past Lake Manistique to Woodland Park on Lake Superior where we set up camp at Woodland Park then promptly walked the 0.3 miles into town to enjoy Deep Fried Asparagus with Tzatziki Sauce and Whitefish and Chips. Plans to unhitch and drive into Pictured Rocks got supplanted by a desire to nap, do laundry, snack on homemade strawberry jam on vanilla wafers, work on the blog, walk to the post office to mail postcards and take photos of the lighthouse. We’re enjoying the pace. With so few miles traveled each day we will rarely be able to stay anywhere more than one night and occasionally we’ll have to push it, maybe to 150 miles, but it should make for easier driving all in all.




  1. Sherri

    You might just consider pushing it further in some of those mid-west states – like Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, Wyoming. Sometimes there is just nothing to see – for miles and miles and miles……LOL…..

  2. Amanda

    I like this a lot! I’m doing better at slowing down but still generally driving 4-5 hours between locations. Too much. What y’all are doing is so smart. Safe travels.


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