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Road Trip

When we T@Bbers gather at Winklepleck every year it’s a festival of ideas exchanged. We’re constantly learning from and inspiring one another and gigging each other to improve our campers. It’s happening already with just a handful of campers here in the days leading up to the official start of üCamp19. Amanda had the nüCamp repair shop install several modifications to her brand new T@B 400 right off the bat but waited until today to install her convertible tongue drop allowing her to either hand crank or use her power drill to raise or lower the tongue of her camper. Meanwhile our T@B 400 is in the shop this morning for a modification. Our battery failed yesterday so we’re having the nüCamp repair shop install two 6 volt golf cart batteries!




  1. Nilda

    We didn’t have the time to converse on whether or not I should change my battery to two 6v batteries, or am I good after you explained the electrical process to me?

    • Steve & Karen

      You might have a conversation with nüCamp about testing your current battery and the cost of the mod and the two 6V AGM batteries. We wanted to go with the original battery as long as we could. Ours lasted two years. We were fortunate we were in Sugarcreek when it failed.


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