Errands Day


Wednesday had its charms. The tech talk went quite well especially for a first attempt. We had a good time at the potluck dinner even enjoying some Skyline Chili. Afterwards we huddled under their awning enjoying campfire style conversation in the rain with Rich, Susan, and Cindy. But Wednesday also had its frustrations with the discovery of a dead truck battery and our failure to request a propane refill only to discover this morning that we’re down to 6%. So today became Errands Day. The battery was too discharged for our Rugged Geek so friend Dave gave us a jump. We extricated the truck from the lake that had developed around us and made our way to the local Harrison Auto Parts/NAPA for a new heftier maintenance-free Legend battery then to Hillside Propane for a refill of both our 5 gallon and 1 gallon tanks. On impulse we headed to Wall House arriving simultaneously with Dave who agreed to join us for lunch and a great visit. In all we put about six miles on our odometer. The more time we spend in Sugarcreek, the more we discover and enjoy the local businesses.




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