Rudbeckia & Burnt Marshmallow

2019 West Again, Michigan, Road Trip, States

On the grounds of what was the Fred Foltz & Sons dairy farm for three generations, John & Vickie and their son have established Rudbeckia Winery & Burnt Marshmallow Brewery near Petosky, Michigan. After getting our T@B set up nearby we walked over to the tasting room, perused the offerings, chose the OH Cherry Cherry Cider and the Hemingway IPA as well as a cheesy flatbread followed by a charcuterie board and some fun discussion about the IBU test for the bitterness of IPA brews as well as John and Vickie’s short term and longer term plans. Looks like we’ll be returning for coffee, pastries, and quiche tomorrow morning and to taste a lavender botanical gin next year!



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  1. Amanda

    Even the name sounds yummy- burnt marshmallow. Looks like a cool place!


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