Showers for Everyone

2019 West Again, Road Trip

Both Sc@rlett and Eric the Red have spent the Spring getting covered in pollen and then these two days have been collecting road grime. So our first stop in Sugarcreek was at the self service car wash. While we were waiting for the taller and wider bay to become available, our friend Teresa pulled up in War Pony towing N@venotse both bearing bugs and grime from their journey from California. So we collaborated helping each other feed money into the machine, operating the foam brush and rinse sprayer, and doing extra scrubbing with a microfiber cleaning cloth. Not only did the four vehicles get a shower, all three people managed to get sprayed as well! All in all, a fun time was had by all and our T@B 400s are sparkling clean for üCamp19!



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  1. Lynn

    That is a cute pic of you. I know you both are working to clean your “baby” and you look happy to be on the road again. I think there is a song about that….should be your theme song. Lol. Happy travels this summer. Lynn


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