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Almost as soon as we arrived at the Cripple Creek KOA in Colorado on Sunday, we were in love and beginning to entertain thoughts of staying longer. On Monday we extended our stay by the one extra day that Site 175 was available. Then this morning we headed to the office to see if by moving sites we could stay longer. Although nothing is currently available for Saturday night Terri told us that could move to Site 177 and stay through Friday. Yes! We scurried back to the T@B and secured everything well enough for a short move that involved a stop to empty tanks and a circle around the campground. We now have an unobstructed view of the mountains to the south of us including the Cripple Creek-Victor Gold Mine (plans to tour it on Friday) and behind us is a view of Pikes Peak. We think it’s the best site in the park! The days have been gloriously sunny with intermittent afternoon rain. The air is thin so we pace ourselves. These couple extra days will give us a chance to just enjoy a day in camp, see a little more of the area, perhaps get another errand or two accomplished. With a good Verizon signal and occasional excellent wifi, maybe we can even make progress on the blog!




  1. Art & Lynn

    Oops. It was Dinah Shore not Doris Day.

    Happy trails and best wishes, Art & Lynn

    • Steve & Karen

      Oh, so glad you two were awake when you read the Pike’s Peak post, unlike the two of us when we wrote and proofread the piece. Thanks for the heads up. We corrected the gaff and added a link to a video of Dinah imploring us to hit the road in a Chevy. Good to hear from you guys! Hope we can connect for a visit in the relatively near future!


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