An iPhone Rescue and a Realization

2019 West Again, Colorado, Road Trip, States

One of our recent technical challenges has been dealing with “storage full” messages on Karen’s iPhone 6S. The technician at City Mac in Traverse City identified the inordinate amount of data used by the Notes app and suggested deleted some of the 700 notes. Sounded good on paper but as we systematically deleted notes the amount of storage needed by the app continued to grow. Obviously we were dealing with corrupt files or somesuch issue. Something had to be done, either identify and correct the problem or get a phone with lots more storage but continuing to fight the situation and not be able to store more than a couple of photos on the phone was not an option. Luckily there’s an Apple Store in Colorado Springs. Since we didn’t make an appointment ahead of time, we had a bit of a wait for a technician. That gave us a chance to use the store’s robust wifi to back the phone up then pop over to Panera for a bit to eat. Thinking that whatever the problem was, that restoring from backup wouldn’t solve the problem so ultimately we decided to restore it to factory settings then set it up as if it were a brand new phone. With everything backed up to iCloud or Dropbox or Genius Cloud, all the data was safe. Now instead of Storage taking up 63.8 of 64 GB, it’s less than 16 GB. Hooray! And it’s a chance to download on the apps we really want on that phone. It’s an exciting fresh restart. The other thing that occurred to us today is that we’re not really enjoying all aspects of the hundred miles a day plan. Yes, keeping the driving to around two hours is nice, but the hitching up and moving is wearing us thin. We booked this site for three nights but we’re starting to think we want to stay longer here at Cripple Creek KOA.




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