Colorado Ski Towns

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Today’s route took us north and west along US-24, CO-9, and I-70 through some gorgeous Colorado mountains and towns such as Fairplay, Alma, Blue River, Breckenridge, and Vail and then along the Colorado River. It’s July so the slopes were green but the streets in town were crowded with folks reveling in the cool mountain air. We were texting mountain photos and thermometer readings to family dealing with summer heatwave temperatures. Not a nice thing to do. Ultimately we decided to stay overnight at the Silt Colorado KOA, a campground right on the Colorado River. There we were reminded of two effects of a lower elevation. At 5,550 feet the temperature was about twenty degrees warmer but we were able to go for a nice long brisk walk without gasping for breath!




  1. Art Ball

    Beautiful country. Would love to see during summer. Skied Breckinridge and Vail each winter for 12 years. Beautiful in winter also.

    Thought of you today since you recently did salt mine. We just did the same in Krakow Poland.

    Best regards,

    • Steve & Karen

      It’s sure to be gorgeous in the snow , a fabulous place to ski!

  2. Nancy

    I love keeping with y’all on your blog. I’m going to steamboat springs then to Breck for 10
    nights. I love the high altitude. after Cripple
    Creek, I thought y’all would b game for the high altitude! Safe travels!

    • Steve & Karen

      Although we loved the high altitude at CCKOA we hadn’t yet acclimated. Doug & Nancy told us it took them two weeks. We were there only one week this time.


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