After a conversation with a fellow traveler at the KOA last evening about cool things to do in Flaming Gorge, this morning we headed north on US-191. All along the way are signs indicating which geologic formation is visible and what kinds of fossils are present. Also we saw a lot of mining activity until we actually crossed into the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. Our first stop was the Flaming Gorge Dam where we were able to take a dam tour just minutes after we arrived. Built beginning in 1958 in addition to the power generation here this dam’s primary purpose is to hold the waters of the Green River in reserve and to release them as needed to Lake Mead and Lake Powell for their power generators. At 47 stories tall this concrete dam looks quite impressive! It’s equipped with diversion gates to regulate the temperature of the river for the fish and we visitors are encouraged to feed the fish that congregate near the fish deck. Tossing a handful of fish feed into the water creates quite a frenzy of activity! 




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Cobh on Our Own

Cobh on Our Own

For our first adventure together on the Emerald Isle, we walked the streets of Cobh, County Cork, explored St Colman’s Cathedral, and visited the Cobh Heritage Center.