Today’s adventures began with The Dodge City Historic Trolley Tour leaving from the visitors center in an air conditioned bus with a pre-recorded narration and a chance to try to snap photos of the sights through the bus windows. Starting with the Boot Hill Museum’s recreation of Front Street and the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe locomotive, we weren’t limited to sites just in town, but drove by the historic train station, saw the 100th Meridian market denoting the western boundary of the Louisiana Purchase, and the historic division between Central and Mountain Time, some local bison, one of whom looks up each time the trolley slows down near their location. visited Fort Dodge, and the Kansas Veterans Cemetery. We also explored the industry that keeps Dodge City the Queen of the Cowtowns, the feeding lots and the meat processing plants. Although we didn’t appreciate our fellow passengers carrying on rather loud person conversations, we did appreciate the rather serious look at an important era in American history.




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