A couple of glasses of English Mild Ale, a Meat & Cheese Platter followed by some Famous Chicken Salad was all we needed for a most delightful afternoon repast. With an opportunity for lively conversation with Lori, we were all set. By closing time we’d also sampled Lori’s White Wine Mojitos, met Seth, the Mac’s Creek Winemaker and Brewmaster and interacted with the other Harvest Hosts guest, JJ Walcutt, Candidate for President of the United States. Morning brought opportunity for photography in the vineyard and conversation with Max to discover that he and his wife were married on the same day as we were back in 1973. They too will be celebrating a 46th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow. Then just before we left Seth stopped by as promised and gave us a gift of a couple of wine labels suitable for framing from the Lincoln Highway Association Centennial Celebration! Without a doubt this family enterprise, Mac’s Creek Winery is definitely a great Harvest Hosts site.




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When Plans Go Awry

When Plans Go Awry

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