Popping a Cork


The mountains of North Carolina is an attractive summer resort location in the Southeast but two of us spend the winters here. That means that just as we are arriving back at the house some of our friends and neighbors are leaving for more southern climes. Thus was the impetus to get together with Donna and Jerry this afternoon. Tomorrow they leave for their Florida home. Back in June they arrived back here three days after we left for our Summer Ramble so it’s been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to just hang out together and catch up on each other’s travels and adventures. That called for popping a cork and per their custom, Donna shot it out over the deck rail down onto their wooded lawn. Our travels are fun and satisfying but so is spending time together with friends!



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  1. Sandra Coxwell

    I assume you are “full timers” in Western NC. We live in Roan Mountain, TN (in north east TN just across the border from NC)….depending where in western NC you are, we may be “neighbors”. We have just ordered a 2020 TAB 400 Boondock Lite which is expected to arrive in Dec. 2019. We have camped for many years. Raised our children camping followed by camping with our grandchildren…now we will more often be camping with just the two of us.
    Let me introduce myself…I am a Military brat….spent the first 46 years of my life first as a dependent daughter then right in to being a dependent spouse. My husband was born and raised in Alabama before going into the Air Force. We originally moved to Eastern NC upon my husband’s second retirement but after four and a half years we decided to try the mountains and preferred to move out of NC …so, we have been in the mountains of TN for about 13 years now but enjoy both worlds (western mountains of NC and Eastern mountains of TN).
    Please excuse this lengthy comment but was drawn to saying hello and introducing ourselves.


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