Sc@rlett’s Following Us Home!


The reason for our quick trip to Ohio yesterday was to fetch Sc@rlett who, since the end of our 2019 rambles, has been in residence at nüCamp RV in Sugarcreek OH in the care of R&D department for some design research. When we learned this past Tuesday that she was ready to come home, we checked the weather forecast and decided to take advantage of two back to back sunny days. So after our quick trip up on a gloriously sunny yesterday, we visited nüCamp headquarters to hitch up our girl, visit with just a couple of our nüCamp friends, and begin the journey home. Assuming this fine weather holds, we expect to have her in the driveway of our mountain home by day’s end. It will feel oh so right to have her home again even if we have no immediate plans for T@B travels.




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