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Just thought we ought to alert our loyal subscribers that we are working on our blog more or less in a behind the scenes manner. We’re planning on uploading some back dated posts, mostly from recent days and months but occasionally from long ago. For instance, we just decided to split a post from 2008 that was about both Carlsbad Caverns and Guadalupe Mountains National Parks. This means that if you receive an email with a “new” post, it might actually be from days or years past!

With nearly 2500 posts we wanted to make it easier to find information about specific places. You might have noticed that we’ve added “Our Travels” and “T@B Talk” to our Menu. “Our Travels” features a clickable state by state US map that takes you to posts about each of the 49 states we have visited.

It also features links to American Revolution, Civil War, and Presidential Historic Sites – indexed to individual presidents, to National Parks, and to our Road Trips.

Among other things we are adding video links to our national parks posts and plan to incorporate a clickable US regional map to help sort the more than eighty federal parks we’ve visited. We’re also looking to further refine “T@B Talk”, the section of our site that addresses tips and tricks to enhance life in a nüCamp teardrop trailer.

We hope you enjoy exploring some of our newer features! And remember, we truly enjoy your comments and welcome suggestions that would improve our website!




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