In the Flowering Woods


The two of us are finding many blessings as we heed the statewide Stay at Home Order. We’re slowing down enough to really appreciate the beauty of our Spring flowers. We’ve got Crab Apple, Dogwood and Azalea in bloom right now.

We missed seeing the Redbud blossoms but love the red leaf buds it’s putting out now. And there’s a curious mushroom near the stream of which we’d love to know the genus and species. Soon enough the trees will leaf out and envelope us in curtains of green.

We’re continuing to get creative at planning meals and crafting drinks with just what we have on hand. And we’re delving into this website to find new ways for you to discover some of our blog posts from years past. Be sure to look up at post pinned to the top of our blog page and follow some of the links in the slide carousel.

And know that if you see more blogs come through that suggest that we are on the road, check the dates, they are sure to be from road trips past!




  1. Mary Lou

    Love the flowers! What a curious mushroom. Your comment box will not let me paste a photo but those are definitely worth looking into because may be morels which are highly prized by gourmet cooks especially in France.

  2. Sandra

    It is a morel/morrel mushroom, which is considered a real high dollar delicacy!! Grows in these Smoky Mountains. Stay safe, stay healthy! We took possession of our new 2021 TAB 400 Boondock just as quarantine was beginning. Did you get the Ford F-150 Platinum you were considering? Sandra and George

    • Steve & Karen

      Thanks for the confirmation that it’s a morel. That’s exciting! Been thinking of you a lot recently and wondering about whether you got the 2021, have you been camping on your lovely property? Yes, we did get the F-150 Platinum, probably ought to blog about it. Looking forward to an opportunity to do a T@B 400 Meetup with you guys as soon as it’s deemed safe to be out and about.

  3. Sandra

    Ah beautiful. Missing you and the NC mountains.

  4. Pat Wittberg

    If certain morel afficionados hear you have morels, you won’t be able to keep them off your property! We had morel hunters every spring at our convent in Indianapolis!

  5. Dove

    Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Mark

    Nice mix of beautiful spring blooms guys.


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