Out of Hibernation


Technically last day of February is the last day of meteorological winter, but it sure feels like Spring to us. It’s a glorious day here in the mountain cove. It’s so warm that we’ve opened the sliding glass doors not only to let fresh air in but to make it easier for us to go in and out. We’ve checked out the daffodil shoots down near the creek and planted some cilantro seeds in a couple of pots but the most exciting event has been taking the cover off Sc@rlett, our 2018 T@B 400 by nüCamp RV. On top of that we’re celebrating the fact that we are now more than two weeks out from our first Covid-19 Vaccine. Adventure is on the horizon! Where will we go once we’re free to move about the country? We don’t really know. We do know that we will be traveling by way of Sugarcreek, Ohio. We do expect to be eminently prepared to camp primarily off grid since campgrounds are more crowded than usual. Perhaps we’ll also see this as an opportunity to do more moochdocking than usual and enjoy more opportunities to enjoy friends and family in person. FaceTime and Zoom visits have been wonderful but real live in-person time together will be oh so much better. We are so ready!




  1. Anne Psarras

    Woohoo!! It looks so beautiful there. Not bad here either: con and I are golfing! Love you

    • Steve & Karen

      Sounds glorious! We have another gorgeous day today and are doing our best to get outside in between tasks on our Things to Do List.


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