Off to Lehman’s


Today started out as a quiet day in the campground with Amanda in the campsite next door. We shared a breakfast of Eggs and Low-Carb Corned Beef Hash prepared in our Hot Logic Mini Oven and Crispy Pork Belly fried up on her Dash Express Griddle before busying ourselves getting our trailers organized for the upcoming summer travel season. Suddenly the focus of the day was shifted when she asked where we’d gotten our GO Berkey Water Filter. Within minutes we three had piled into her truck and headed off to Lehman’s Flagship Store in nearby Kidron, Ohio. With a history that traces back to 1955, Lehman’s is dedicated to serving the community with often difficult to find items useful for off-grid living. Often when we are in the area we browse this store in search of items that work well in our tiny trailer. Today we found a delightful little battery operated LED lantern that will up our glamping ambience a notch and Amanda learned that they have the GO Berkey filter on order and she’ll be able to bag one in June when she’s here for üCamp21.




  1. Amanda

    What a pleasant day that was!!

  2. Dove

    We so enjoyed catching up with you guys the other night. Amanda: sending you hugs!


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