Snow Day in TimberCrest

Ohio, Road Trip

Fortunately we were forewarned by an Accuweather Wintercast alert to our phones, so we disconnected our hoses and protected our dump valves with RV antifreeze last night. Then we hunkered down inside our camper, checked the radar, and settled in for the night wondering if the forecast snow would actually come our way. By two in the morning we had our answer. With the porch light on and the kitchen shade open we enjoyed a view of the blowing snow. By morning we had three inches on the truck, the camper, and the picnic table. The gravel roads and camping pads remained clear but the grassy areas were snowy. This afternoon it is sunny and has warmed to 43°F but the forecast still calls for two more nights with lows of 25°F before it will be safe to reconnect our hoses and resume normal full hookups operation. This is our first experience with camping in the snow and although it’s beautiful, it’s not something we seek. We prefer to go where the weather suits our clothes!




  1. Jeff Goodman

    I would be the same. It’s kinda pretty but would prefer camping where it’s warm. Hope you are both doing well. Miss you both. Safe travels!

  2. Debi Ford

    A new experience!

  3. Nathan Brown

    The best kinda snow, pretty and sticks to everything but the roads.


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