Harvest Hosts Holiday Weekend

2021, North Carolina, Road Trip

It’s a strange feeling to be traveling this weekend from the North Carolina Outer Banks into Tidewater Virginia. Traditionally we have not had to worry about having campground reservations for Memorial Day weekend but knowing that most campgrounds would be full to capacity, we took a different tack. We looked to Harvest Hosts and were most fortunate that we were able to book overnight stays at two places. Weeping Radish Brewery in Grandy, North Carolina is NC’s oldest microbrewery specializing in German style beers. On top of that it’s a butchery that specializes in German style sausages and an eatery so fine that it’s been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. It was a great Friday night dinner and a fun conversation with the other guests there that night. Saturday we headed on to Hampton Roads Winery in Elberon, Virginia. After a wine tasting and a nice charcuterie board, we settled in each with a glass of our new favorite wine to hear the owner Dave tell the story of how he, Diane, and their son Richard ended up owning a winery in with the world’s tallest goat tower in Virginia. Can we just say a heartfelt Thank You! to these businesses who partner with Harvest Hosts to offer us out of the ordinary campsites and amazing experiences. We find that this gives us a great option for weekend camping. Then we can enjoy the state parks and national forest campgrounds during the week. Life is good!




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