Hawthorne Hill

2021, Ohio, Road Trip, States

After a full afternoon at SunWatch, we did a drive by of the only house still in Dayton that belonged to the Wright Brothers, a treat after our recent visit to the Wright Brothers National Memorial at Kitty Hawk. The brothers, pioneers of powered flight, continued to live at their childhood home, 7 Hawthorne Street through most of their adulthood but at their sister’s urging ultimately made plans to build a grand home they named Hawthorne Hill at the corner of Salem Avenue and Harvard Boulevard in Dayton’s Oakwood neighborhood. Together they designed the mansion but Wilbur never got to live there for he died of typhoid fever in 1912 before the home’s completion in 1914. Ultimately it was home to Orville, his sister Katharine, and his father Bishop Milton Wright. It’s in the process of being restored to it’s appearance when the Wrights lived there and tours are available but that’s a treat we are saving for another time.




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