It’s been an incredible ten days. We arrived at Timbercrest, the official üCamp21 satellite location on Thursday prior to the official start of the annual gathering of nüCamp teardrop campers on Monday morning. From then through Saturday night and some fireworks, we enjoyed hanging out, in groups large and small, with all the folks that gather for this event. All week we were shuttling back and forth to Winklepleck Grove campground in Sugarcreek for official events and just to hang with friends, to eat amazing Amish food, to learn new things about our trailer and to share tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way. It was inspiring to hear Joe Mullet to tell his story and the history of nüCamp. It’s amazingly ponder the incredible friendships we’ve built year after year both from the nüCamp team and among the fellow users. The team did a great job of planning and implementing a fabulous event under Julie’s leadership. We’re already looking forward to üCamp22 and being in the midst of the incredible energy that happens at Winklepleck each year.




  1. Amanda

    Such a wonderful time! Already looking forward to next year!

  2. David Haseman

    Thank you for the time that we spent together. I learned a LOT about the new T@Bs. It was such fun to visit with your both and share a meal and libation. I am also looking forward to üCamp22.

  3. Michael

    Great pics! Tiny edit needed toward the end. I think you mean you are looking forward to uCamp23 and so am I.


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