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The two of us left from üCamp on the 20th of last month to begin our 2021 Summer Ramble and over the course of thirty days had had adventures in just three states. From eastern central Ohio we’d traveled and explored parts of Indiana then on to Illinois. At Starved Rock we were in north central Illinois with plans to make our way north into Wisconsin. Then on Tuesday night things changed. When we noticed a bead of water on the floor along the edge of the cabinetry on the drivers side near the bed, we went in search of the source of that water. We removed the cubby cabinet, opened up the area under the shower pan, and finally dismantled the bed to access the Alde compartment. Sure enough we found a slow drip coming from the Alde Flow water heater tank. Knowing that if in fact we had a faulty Alde part, we’d need to have nüCamp involved in the repair process and after a quick assessment on our part we determined that it would be easiest overall to return to Sugarcreek and have the repair done at the nüCamp Service Center. By early Wednesday morning we were on the road headed back to Ohio and on the phone with several people in the nüCamp organization. By yesterday evening just before sunset we were arriving at the factory to stay overnight in one of the complimentary RV sites and early this morning delivering Bell@, our 2021 T@B 400 to Austin and his team. From there we headed out for breakfast then back to the nüCamp offices to visit with some of our friends there until we learned mid-afternoon that our trailer was ready. Yes, the Alde Flow was the culprit, almost unprecedented in nüCamp experience. In addition to replacing the Flow, this incredible team also addressed some other issues so now our bathroom door and our exterior door close much more securely. There’s good reason that nüCamp is renowned for their customer service. We’ve seen it and experienced it time and time again and this is one more experience that ranks way up there at the top. Thank you, thank you, thank you!




  1. Amanda

    Wonderful people ❤️❤️❤️

  2. David

    Congratulations on a difficult problem solved by competent folks. Austin is amazing and gets things done quickly and correctly.


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