Bayfield Maritime Museum

2021, Road Trip, States, Wisconsin

Today started gently as we awakened in the campground at Dalrymple Park with a view of gorgeous greenery out our Stargazer window. After spending the next couple of hours enjoying our surroundings, we walked the short distance into Bayfield, Wisconsin at the tip of a little peninsula that juts out into Lake Superior in search of breakfast at Manypenny Bistro. The Bay Omelet with Smoked Trout was suberb! After a stop by the Post Office we walked to Bayfield Maritime Museum. What a treasure. We learned a lot about current sustainable commercial fishing practices by watching videos set amidst vintage equipment. There’s a lot about the local history which revolves around fishing and boat building as well as lighthouses but set amid the greater sweep of American history. Scattered around on various displays are QR codes that can take you to websites to explore more, such as photography of Emmanuel Luick, a the Sand Island Lighthouse Keeper. One of the best moments for us was when we struck up a conversation with Robert. His father Julian was featured in one of the displays and Robert told us more of Julian’s story, especially his service in World War II, first in the Merchant Marine then in the US Marines. As we were leaving we were reminded to check out the pilot house just outside the entrance and the iron sheathed fishing vessel Ruth whose crew left with their lunch boxes one day twenty some years ago leaving her as is to never return. And yes, we made a donation, rang the bell, and got a sticker for the side of our camper.



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  1. Jim+&+Sharon

    Beautiful account. This re-kindles our desire to travel and stay in this area. Thanks!


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