1956 Chevy

2021, Family, Road Trip

What an unexpected delight! When we headed to Marlin’s Family Restaurant in Mitchell, South Dakota for a Sunday brunch, we never expected to enter a time warp, but suddenly Steve was transported back to childhood with the two-toned green 1956 Chevy Bel Air parked next to us. This pristine vintage car is almost exactly like the one that Steve traveled in from Cincinnati to Yellowstone and Pike’s Peak one summer and from Cincinnati to Florida the next. Then the Chevy moved with the family to their new home in Florida and transported them back for visits with relatives in Ohio over the next couple of summers. Steve’s dad was quite a photographer and documented the aforementioned family trips well but the only photo of the car that we have been able to locate is one extremely out of focus image, just enough to confirm Steve’s and his older brother’s memory of their parents’ green ’56 Chev. When we called Bill he confirmed that theirs had been a 4-door like this one we found online, but Steve is the one who remembered that the location of the gas cap was behind the left tail light. In any case it was an absolute delight to wander around this beautiful example and to be transported back/to hear tales of family adventures in a beloved transport.




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