What’s a Runza? Grand Island, Nebraska

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Dear Subscribers, thanks for bearing with us. When we returned home last September we focused our energies on things other than posting travel blogs. Now as we prepare to head out with our T@B in the near future, we’re excited about focusing on blog posts from the tail end of our 2021 Summer Ramble. They will appear in correct chronological order of experience date. Thanks for understanding. Looking forward to hearing from you.

It’s been a three night stay at George Clayton Hall County Park, Grand Island, Nebraska, just north of I-80. It’s a first come, first choice campground so we arrived Thursday morning and managed, with the help of the delightful campground host, to snag one of just a few remaining campsites for the weekend before heading into town for omelets at Tommy’s Family Restaurant. Sadly it’s our only stay in Nebraska this trip since we’ve promised to visit family in Texas later this month putting us into a bit of a time crunch. We spent our time enjoying this lovely campground with some great walking trails, hanging out and working on some digital projects, enjoying local food, and learning a bit about the local history. We enjoyed a view from afar of some of the historic buildings at the Stuhr Museum. Despite our relaxed attitude during this short stay, we feel we got a bit of a taste of the area with a Runza, an intriguing blend of seasoned beef, cabbage, and onions baked into a bun, conversations with our Nebraska native neighbors, and the plethora of football fans attired in University of Nebraska scarlet on Saturday morning. When our wanderings bring us around this way again, we’ll be sure to check out more of the offerings in Henry Fonda’s hometown and pay attention to The Walking Tourists with their insight into some great off the beaten path adventures in Nebraska and beyond.



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  1. Jim & Sharon Alonso

    So glad to get your message!
    Sharon & I were asking each other about you all just yesterday.
    We are coming to Clayton next week.
    Hope to see you all sometime this Spring or Summer.
    Jim & Sharon


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