It was our good fortune to be in Bloomington on this beautiful Saturday, the day of Bloomington’s annual Handmade Market, a street fair on Kirkwood Avenue. We had a delightful time poking through various booths helping CJ & Phil scout out alien themed trinkets for a project they are pursuing right now and finding a lovely small piece of pottery at the Sky & Earth Studio that can easily travel cross country with us in our little trailer. We loved chatting with Jason and Rhonda and admiring her work. After a bit we four all declared a desire to find an indoor space where we could break our fast. We were soon ensconced in a booth at Amrit India where we delighted in the Butter Chicken and Goat Curry dishes they served up. We’re always amazed at the wonderful adventures that CJ & Phil lead us on when we visit Bloomington.



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  1. David

    You two amaze me with every post (No, I haven’t read them all because I am certain that it would be like reading a joke book or a book of poems all in one fell swoop). I am pleased to just chip away, as time allows and let my enjoyment rise up to meet the day. Thank you,


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