What had been planned as a two night stay here at Stow Silver Springs Campground, became a four night stay as of this morning when we cancelled our reservations at another campground west of here and booked an additional two night stay here in Summit County north of Akron, Ohio. We did have to move from Site #1 to Site #3 and we didn’t get a refund on our cancelled reservation but it’s saving us a bunch of miles, time, gasoline, and just wear and tear on ourselves and our equipment. We’re loving this campground. It’s it’s a city park and near to a lot of services but peaceful and green. Yesterday we explored the downtown at nearby Cuyahoga Falls and tomorrow we’re planning a lunch date with granddaughters. Today we’re just chilling out, playing some games, catching up on phone calls, and sneaking in a nap or two. Life is good!

Two things of note here is that in an era when campground reservations seem to be more difficult to get, in our experience city and county parks often have more availability than state, national, and private parks. Also last minute cancellations do happen, as we did one this morning. We’ve often benefited from such with just a call to the campground office.




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