Together we’ve crossed the Mississippi River countless times via bridges. A few years ago at Lake Itasca we did it across stepping stones. Today Karen did it on a stand up paddle board! Ever since our first experience trying a stand up paddle board in Wisconsin, Karen has been anxious to try it again. Today was a great opportunity. After the great Sunday morning exodus from Prairie Island Campground near Winona, Minnesota, we rented a paddle board and the headed to the bank. Astonishing both of us she quickly transitioned from knees to standing and maintained that position all the way across the river and back but at the last moment learned that it’s wise to transition again to knees just before landing. Despite that small mishap, she’s eager to do it again and again!




  1. Amanda Evans

    I’m so impressed with this! What fun! You go girl!!!

  2. Michael Ogden

    I agree with Amanda’s statement. Pretty cool feat.

  3. Kathy Wittberg

    Looks great! Enjoy your travels!


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