Today’s a long travel day in our book, from Island View Lodge to Bemidji KOA Journey. Apple Maps tells us it’s a 287 mile journey almost exclusively along US-2 and that it should take us 5 hours 18 minutes. Then of course there’s a need for stops along the way not to mention that just towing our T@B often slows us down. In any case, a few minutes ago we decided we were ready for a breakfast break as we traveled through Iron River, Wisconsin. We just pulled over to the side of US-2, the main street through this small town, and walked back to our living quarters to prepare a cold breakfast feast. Then we walked across to a produce stand and purchased some farm fresh strawberries to top off the repast. As we resumed our journey we passed by the site of one of last year’s adventures, a Harvest Host overnight at White Winter Winery but too early in the day to stop for a glass of mead. Darn the bad luck. Guess we just have to keep pedaling on to our destination and the opportunity to enjoy a liquid reward once we’ve set up camp for the next three nights.




  1. Amanda Evans

    I kind of lost my mind at White Winter Winery last year and spent a boatload of money on gift wines. 🙂

    • Steve & Karen

      It’s not every day you stumble across a meadery. When you do, you should take advantage of the opportunity!


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