Forty-Nine Years Ago


We’ve just celebrated our Forty-Ninth Anniversary in western Massachusetts. We opted to linger a while longer with our trailer parked in Greg’s driveway. It’s a salubrious time of year here. For dinner on our anniversary we asked Greg to join us for drinks and dinner at Champney’s Tavern in Deerfield. Then yesterday we two breakfasted on Steak and Eggs as we did at the Carousel Inn in Cincinnati on September First in 1973. This morning we reminisced about waking up in our canvas tent at the KOA in Carlock, Illinois as we ventured out on our first cross country camping trip together. We stayed in the same park, same campsite right next to the railroad tracks thirty-five years later on our last cross country camping trip just before we discovered the joys of teardrop travel. As we begin our fiftieth year together we’re already planning our anniversary celebration which will involve Transatlantic travel and waking up on this day next year in London. It’s been a glorious journey together thus far and we’re happily anticipating many more shared adventures!




  1. Jim Collins

    Loved your camping photos when you ventured out on your first years together. You are beautiful people, beautiful photos and Congratulations on your lives well lived! Celebrate the joy! Jim and Susan.

  2. Amanda Evans

    What a joy. I look forward to welcoming you to London next year for you to celebrate 50!

  3. Lynn

    Happy 49th Anniversary. Joyous memories to treasure thru the years. Wishing you a marvelous year ahead at home and traveling. Have fun planning your trip to London. We are going to Ireland for a few days then cruising around the British Isles and a final few days stay in London in Sept. Art has never been to his dad’s birth city and he hopes to meet some cousins for the first time. Hello to the kids.

  4. Lynn

    Lol. I should have said Sept of next year.

  5. David

    Happy Anniversary. We hope you have many more.

  6. Richard & Kathy English

    Happy Anniversary to you guys. Sorry we couldn’t meet up in Shelbourne Falls – 2 excuses: didn’t know about the rally and our T@B 320 is being prepped for sale. Judging from the comments posted on the Facebook page, you two are well prepared to advise all of the attendees and answer all of their questions and concerns.
    We took your advice from the 2021 uCamp rally and ordered a new 2023 400, same color/trim scheme as yours, BD and 400Ahr options. Excited to get it in October. Happy Trails

  7. Elsie Miller

    Happy anniversary! Wishing you more good and healthy year’s together.

  8. Katie

    Happy anniversary! It was so nice meeting you at the library, and I look forward to checking out more of your posts!


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