Full-Time Travels

On Monday when we locked the door, left the key, and drove away from our mountain house we thought things were settling down. Little did we realize that life would continue to be a whirlwind for sometime yet. Here we are without a bed of our own and no sense yet of feeling settled. Hopefully we will be able to retrieve Bella@, our nüCamp T@B 400, later today and begin the process of refurnishing our trailer but we suspect that organizing the chaos will take a couple of days and that we will continue to sleep in our granddaughter’s bed for a few more nights. And we’ll continue to try to navigate the overwhelming amount of red tape involved in establishing residency in Ohio. Our days are filled with visits to the bank, the insurance agency, the driver’s license office, trips to and from our storage unit,and more. And then there’s the fact that we’re in northern Ohio as winter sets in so yesterday we invested in some additional long underwear. And when we’re back at our son’s house we’re dealing with boxes and bags galore trying to create a little bit of organization. All the while we’re constantly checking the banking apps to see if the hold was lifted on that deposit, if the funds got deposited in another account, if the payoff has been posted in yet another account. We’ve got a long list of things to do today to get us closer to settled into the new lifestyle and think the best way to get started is a good breakfast at Pete’s Restaurant! Whirlwind! Life is an Adventure!




  1. Joyce Vann

    How exciting. Hope you all are settled soon. Joyce

  2. Anne Psarras

    Wow, you guys are brave! Good luck with the new adventure and please let me know if you’re headed this way!!

  3. Jim

    We love you guys!
    It will all work out.
    Jim & Sharon

  4. Greg & Debra Weller

    We know of your pain! We are still in a rental waiting for our house to be habitable mid-January. (Original date was October!)

  5. Amanda Evans

    Ugh. It will be nice to get settled. Bell@ is familiar and will feel like home. Hugs to you both ❤️

  6. Lynn & Art

    We wish you much happiness in your future new adventure and life. Take care of yourselves as you travel and search for a landing spot in Ohio. It will be good to be near kids and grandkids…they can watch over you as you enjoy more time with them. Safe travels.

  7. Kathy Hill

    We are very happy and excited for yall! moving is exhausting, no matter what time of life it is, but to be closer to your family sounds ideal. w4 visit Bakersville, NC often, as Pete’s biological sister lives there now. if you ever pass our way again in VIRGINIA, you know you can stay with us!! we love you and hope our paths cross soon as we travel in our RV! We need to catch up!! Merry Christmas and God bless you both.


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