Now that we’re down to more southern latitudes, we’re enjoying warmer weather. We’re contemplating putting away the cold weather gear for a while and de-winterizing the camper. Our plan at this point is to begin moving westward but not too quickly. For now we’re doing easy travel days but only single night stays. We’re enjoying our campgrounds but not seeking out museums or parks to visit but just enjoying the scenery wherever home is for the night. Our thought is that we’re on a bit of a timetable. We have to be back to Florida by early March and back in Ohio by late March. Since we’ll be driving all the way to the Arizona-California border, we want to be able to linger a bit in the western states before we begin to trek eastward again.

Gunter Hill Campground, a lovely Army Corps of Engineers campground just west of Montgomery, Alabama. Here we met Ted & Lorraine traveling in a T@B 400 and exchanged contact information. Hopefully we’ll meet up again in Massachusetts.
Sioux Bayou RV Park and Hideway Bar just outside Gautier, Mississippi. The view from the deck outside the dive bar was phenomenal. We enjoyed chatting with Evan who is traveling in a T@B 320 Boondock and heading to Florida. He filled us in on some great places to visit in New Mexico.
Lafayette KOA Holiday near Lafayette, Louisiana offered us some great amenities and the opportunity for a long walk at sunset.




  1. Susan Eiswerth

    Hello friends! It’s been along time since I’ve had the opportunity to get caught up on some of your traveling escapades. L O L. These are marvelous photos and provide much inspiration for our future tab travel plan. We have a tentative plan to head to big bend in early April. In the meantime, both of you and our dear friend, Amanda, traveling by boat in various large bodies of water, LOL, are how we travel vicariously. Love reading all of your beautiful descriptions. We can’t wait to be out there in our tab, and looking forward to our paths crossing in this new year. Much love – Susan & Rich

  2. Jackie mallory

    Like the idea of joining you on this adventure!
    Jackie Mallory

    • Steve & Karen

      Jackie, we are both absolutely delighted that you are joining in the adventure!


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