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It was fifty years ago, on our first visit to Texas that we first heard about the Hill Country but our travels through Texas tended to take us a more northern route to always to include a visit with family. These last couple of days we’ve enjoyed immersing ourselves in the beauty of this area with its green rolling hills, rivers, and lakes. The Hill Country’s karst topography depends on its abundant limestone that was once at the bottom of a sea but now contributes to the hills and valleys, rivers and springs, and even the sink holes of this region. As we continue our trek westward after leaving Galveston, we’ve enjoying the scenery and fun things to do here. First stop Guadalupe Brewing Company in New Braunfels, Texas on Friday night as an overnight Harvest Hosts stop. Great German influenced beer, delicious pizza, a great vibe, and a couple of folks just settling in the area that came back to our T@B for more fun conversation. The next day, a very beautiful Saturday, we did a slight detour to visit Lost Maples State Natural Area to hike and get close up and personal with the landscape. From there we checked our the Hill Country Arts Foundation for another Harvest Hosts overnight. Unfortunately the season for The Point Theater has not opened so we couldn’t see a play this trip but we delighted not only in a visit to the gift shop but also wandering through the Stonehenge recreation at sunset. Then on Sunday we continued west to Fort Stockton, Texas into another of the seven regions of Texas and a stay at Fort Stockton Resort and RV Park.

Somehow we failed to take pictures inside Guadalupe Brewing, but it was a happening place on a Friday night. They make some particularly fine stouts!
We parked out back and after the brewery closed, we had it all to ourselves.
On Saturday we continued west with a stop at Lost Maples Natural Area for a little hiking. Don’t know if we saw any maple trees with all the foliage off but it’s a beautiful area.
Several places along the trail we crossed streams using stepping stones.
And just stood admiring our surroundings.
By late Saturday afternoon we arrived at the Hill Country Arts Foundation near Ingram, Texas.
We visited Stonehenge II which started as a joke and was originally constructed in a field on a nearly ranch.
Our campsite at the Arts Foundation was overlooking the lake and adjacent to the outdoor theater. Peaceful place.
By Sunday evening we’d left Hill Country and were settling in for two nights at the Fort Stockton Resort and RV Park.




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