On our way south to our next stop, we paused in Sugarcreek to meet up with some of our friends at nüCamp RV, an amazing organization that we’ve been privileged to be associated with for the last fourteen years. After an afternoon spent with John, Julie, and Scott we made our way to Spring Valley Campground in Cambridge, Ohio only to realize it looked familiar. We’d stayed here in 2017 before visiting Zanesville. This time it was a convenient base from which we could head south to rendezvous with cousins at DaVinci’s in Williamstown, WV. It was a most salubrious evening visiting with Dick & Angie while munching on a German Pizza with corned beef and sauerkraut. It sounds weird but is frankly delicious! The next day we made the trip from Cambridge to Wheeling WV to lunch with a dear friend who recently relocated from North Carolina. At Mary’s suggestion we headed to Glassworks Grill in Wilson Lodge located in Oglebay Park, an 2000 acre self-sustaining city park with a fascinating history. At the suggestion of our most delightful server, the two of us ordered the Wilson Lodge Sandwich while Mary relied on previous experience and enjoyed a Mushroom Pizza. Everyone of us toted leftovers as we departed. Back at her apartment building Mary toured us around the facility and regaled us with not only the current features but the history of the building and her own personal history associated with it before we hugged and promised to visit again soon. We loved having the leisure to linger in Cambridge and make some long desired visits as well as hobnob with friendly folks in the campground office instead of scurrying through in a hurry to get back to take care of the house. Loving this life!

A view of the top of the stairs in the office section of the nuCamp RV factory.
Thanks! To the gracious fellow guest who agreed to snap this group photo for us.
It sounds weird, but this German Pizza is positively delish!
Pure joy when the Mushroom Pizza arrived.
Near and dear to Mary’s heart.
Already looking forward to the next hug!




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